The Zipslide™ retractable screen is the only system that we are aware of that can span over metres wide as a single unit or for a larger opening, double units beside each other that is operated sideways & is held within its tracks to avoid blowout by an adjustable retention system & work so easily, a great new product for the blinds, awnings, doors, garage & outdoor area market.


Adjustable Track System
The mesh is retained in the tracks to prevent blowout.

Top Track
Has dual wheels, allowing to roll smoothly, quietly and evenly, avoiding maintenance costs. Inbuilt lifetime adjustment enabling the screen height to be set to the millimetre by the installer or client.

Bottom Track
The lowest on the market of its kind and strong enough for a motor vehicle to drive over without causing damage. The Mesh is detained within its tracks to prevent blowout and fraying of the mesh.

Simple Locking System
Simple locking system allows the screen to stop at the desired points of the client’s choice. Can also be adjusted if required at a future date.

Wide Span
Span over 5 metres wide with single screen.

Quiet Sliding
Dual wheels in top track for smooth and quiet sliding.

Patent pending.

Easy To Clean
Removable cassette for easy cleaning.

Colour Coordinated
Powder coated the colour to suit the application.

Dual Screen Option
Pet screen lite mesh, sunscreen mesh, privacy mesh or plain mesh.