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IntrudaGuard® security screens protect your home from intruders, while also complementing the look and feel of your home. They’re cost-effective, without compromising quality. Plus, they’re Australian made for tough Aussie conditions.

The screens are intruder resistant and able to withstand heavy impact, while the perforated aluminium screen boasts a class-topping 125° viewing angle, ensuring your view through the screen is not obstructed.

All IntrudaGuard® security screens can be equipped with ‘triple lock’ locking systems, which with one flick activate three locking points for superior protection. They’re also corrosion resistant and WERS tested and rated to keep the summer heat and UV light out during heat waves.


Hinged Doors

hinged doors
Hinged Doors

An IntrudaGuard® hinged security door is the strong, stylish and affordable security screen solution for your home. IntrudaGuard® hinged security doors are highly resistant to forced entry attempts and are rigorously tested against a wide range of attacks. Made from specially tempered marine grade aluminium with a distinguished perforated design, they are assembled using a unique bonding process that eliminates the need for any unsightly fixings.

Sliding Doors

IntrudaGuard® Sliding Doors
Sliding Doors

IntrudaGuard® sliding security doors provide all the benefits of our hinged security doors, with the added space-saving and style features of a sliding door. They’re also ideal for cooling your home in summer, allowing for better home ventilation and airflow. This can help to reduce your air-con usage, energy bill and carbon footprint. As with all IntrudaGuard® security screens, our sliding security door shields are constructed from specially tempered marine grade aluminium, which features a unique perforated design.

Window Screens

IntrudaGuard® Window Screens
Window Screens

A high number of victims (60%) in the ABS research cited a door or window had been damaged or tampered with in attempted break-ins, so it pays to invest in strengthening these defences. With the appearance of a fly screen but the strength of a security screen, you can stop intruders in their tracks with an IntrudaGuard® window security screen.

IntrudaGuard Hinged Security Door
IntrudaGuard Sliding Security Door